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[NEWS] 140425 Block B to possibly cancel their JACKPOT promotions


Excerpt from: Ilgan Sports

블락비는 싱글 ‘잭팟’의 17일 발표를 연기한데 이어, 취소까지 고려하고 있다. 소속사 관계자는 “원래 싱글 활동은 짧게 하고, 하반기에 미니 앨범을 발표할 계획이었다. 이번 활동을 포기하고 하반기 활동에 집중하는 방법을 고민 중이다”라고 전했다.


Block B postponed their April 17 release of single ‘JACKPOT’, and are considering cancelling their comeback. Their agency representative said, “The promotion period for the single was supposed to be short, and we were planning to release a mini-album in the latter half of the year. We are thinking about giving up this promotion period and focusing on the activites to come later on this year”.

Source: Ilgan Sports via Daum

Translated by: youngha @ blockbintl

but mino was so excited. 

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When P.O keeps telling you to ‘Enjoy your life’

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When people say :”Aren’t you Jay Park?! ” I say İ’m G-Dragon
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suga the photographer

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